The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

Every practice has a pink elephant.

It’s that problem in your practice management that just never quite gets fixed. You’ve created work-arounds or promise that you will get to it—someday. At Information Managers, Jean helps you to deal with the elephant in the room.

We’re here to help you. 

Information Managers specializes in health information management, policies and procedures, records management, clinic management, practice efficiency and workflow consultation as well as privacy and security in the healthcare sector.

We work with practice managers, primary care facilities, health service providers and vendors. We ensure that your office practices not only meet legal requirements, but are streamlined and efficient, making sure that all parties involved feel secure about their personal information.

We’re here to help and we’d love to connect!

Information Managers Ltd.

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Jean L. Eaton

Your Practical Privacy Coach and Practice Management Mentor with Information Managers Ltd.

Jean helps independent healthcare practices with practice administration, privacy awareness, privacy breach management, and legislated regulation compliance in Canada.

Jean’s career started as a receptionist and transcriptionist in a busy family medical walk-in practice. She moved into health records and health information management and hospital administration in hospitals, regional health authorities, cancer agencies across Canada and Alberta Health.

Now, Jean specializes her consulting practice to independent healthcare practices who want to start, grow, or fix their practice administration so that healthcare providers can focus on providing quality healthcare services. Jean provides training to businesses including healthcare on practical privacy and security best practices and privacy breach management.

Your Practical Privacy Coach

Jean is constructively obsessive about privacy, confidentiality, and security when it comes to the handling of personal information, particularly in primary health care settings.

Jean has customized and delivered privacy training programs for privacy officers, records management professionals, implementation teams, and healthcare providers across Canada and the US.

You will learn how to use practical pro-active privacy in your practice. Privacy Education program that is actually fun and . . . practical!

Jean has helped hundreds of physicians, chiropractors, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers and privacy officers develop and improve their Privacy Education programs.

Jean develops and provides training on personal information and health information privacy and security; customizes policies and procedures and Privacy Impact Assessments for hundreds of health care providers and primary care private clinics.

You know your practice better than anybody else. If you had the right tips, tools and templates and Your Practical Privacy Coach to help you, you can develop a practical Privacy Education program for your office, improve patient satisfaction, meet legislated and college requirements, and prevent big fines (or worse!).

Contact Jean to provide workshops and key-note address at your next event!

Available in person and techno-magically using webinars and live streaming.

Your Practice Management Mentor

Practice managers working in healthcare want to provide good services and have a profitable business. They have a sense of what they need to do to get there – but often need help with networking and resources. Jean shares templates, user guides, real-life examples, networking, practical resources and mentoring. We give you the confidence to take care of the elephant in the room!

Jean is the podcast host of Practice Management Nuggets Webinars – the perfect lunch break for busy practice managers – only 30 minutes and it’s free!

Practice Management Nuggets Webinars is a weekly interview series with practice managers, healthcare providers, or trusted vendors who support healthcare practices. Topics include things you need to know to help you start, grow, fix, or maintain your healthcare practice. The events will be short – about 30 minutes – with nuggets of information that you can use right away.

Jean provides:

  • Document Management Tips – templates of policies, procedures and documents to support your administration practices.
  • Practice Management Nugget webinars with guest experts who are practice managers, healthcare providers, or trusted vendors who support healthcare practices.
  • Training materials and on-line webinars and in-person workshops across Canada.

E-books authored by Jean L. Eaton:

Document Management Tip Series:

  • Coming soon on Kindle! Prevent Privacy Breach Pain

    Coming soon on Kindle! Prevent Privacy Breach Pain

    “9 Steps to Hiring Employees in Your Healthcare Practice”

  • “Prevent Privacy Breach Pain” Coming soon on Amazon Kindle!
  • “Patient Health Information For Tax Reporting”
  • “Hiring Employees Resource Package”
  • “Archive and Destruction of Patient Records”
  • “Closing a Physician Practice”
  • “Data Sharing Agreement Outline for Physician Group Practices”
  • “Data Migration”
  • “Privacy Statements in Plain Language”
  • “Privacy Breach Management”
  • “Provider-Patient Email Communication”
  • “Media Training – What to do when s*!#@ hits the fan”
  • “What is a PIA? (for chiropractors)”
  • “What is a PIA? (for physicians)”
  • “Dress Code Policy”



Jean L Eaton


About Jean Eaton

Jean is a Certified Health Information Management Professional, Toastmaster and entrepreneur with a BA Administration.

Having worked with health records and primary care organizations for over twenty years, I am an experienced leader in health information management. In the last 7 years my practice has been focused on primary care in Alberta. My consulting service includes physicians, pharmacies, chiropractors and other primary health care providers and Primary Care Networks (PCN). I have speaking engagements with larger clinics and agencies, professional associations, and university and college training programs for health service providers and administration service providers. I author Privacy Nuggets, post regular blogs on the Information Managers site, and am a guest contributor.

I am constructively obsessive about privacy and security when it comes to the handling of personal information, particularly in primary health care settings. I provide webinars, workshops, and consultation on practice management and privacy legislation that are actually fun and practical.

You may have seen Jean here . . . .

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2009 – 2017 Information Managers Webinars, in-person workshops throughout Alberta including

“Protect Your Practice, Your Assets, and Your Patients with Privacy Impact Assessments – A Complete Step-by-Step Course”

“Protect Your Practice, Your Assets, and Your Patients with Privacy Impact Assessments”

“Prevent Big Fines (or Worse!) for your Healthcare Practice; Learn How to Plan a Privacy Impact Assessment”

“9 Steps to Hire (and Keep) Employees in Your Healthcare Practice”

“Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security for Medical Offices”

“How to complete a Privacy Impact Assessment”

“Developing Policies and Procedures for Medical Offices”

“Managing a Privacy Breach – 3 Mistakes in Managing a Privacy Breach

“Email and Patients – What do I need to know?”

“Clinic Managers Top 10 Data Privacy To Do List”


Conflict of Interest

All of our recommendations for vendors and service providers are our opinions based on direct experience and communication with colleagues. We do not accept fees from vendors for recommendation of their products or services.


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