Privacy Compliance and Practice Management for Canadian Clinic Managers and Privacy Officers

Privacy Compliance and Practice Management Templates, Tools, and Training for Your Canadian Healthcare Practice

Ideal for physicians, medical, dental, chiropractic, registered nurses, therapist, dental hygienists, pharmacy, and more!

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established Practice<br />

Established Practice

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You are a healthcare provider in an established group or solo practice with direct patient care.

New Practice<br />

New Practice


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You are a new healthcare provider in your own private practice or you have joined an existing practice.




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You are a receptionist, medical office assistant, clerk, secretary, or technician.


clinic manager<br />

Clinic Manager / Privacy Officer

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You are a clinic manager, team lead, office manager, practice manager, privacy officer, or owner.



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You support or provide products to healthcare providers, like Electronic Medical Records, billing, computer network support or transcription services.

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Privacy and practice management

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Nancy D.

“Well it happened! We recently had a privacy breach. It was an ‘oops’ but never the less a privacy breach. I had started the 4 Step Response Plan – Prevent Privacy Breach Pain but thought I had time to go through it. Unfortunately not. Your course has been a godsend with all the information and forms that I need to work through this privacy breach and notifying process.”

Debra from Spruce Grove

“I did think that the info session was interesting on how many tools can be created and intertwined for the use of the patient. I do find the sessions good.”

–Practice Management Nugget event, ‘Engage your patients using automated tools’ with Karol Clark

Kevin Morris, Shape MD, Team Leader/Office Manag

“Jean Eaton is one of those ‘critical suppliers’ you keep in your email contacts list, no matter what company you manage. She really knows her stuff and delivers prompt, accurate information on time. Her courses are interesting, informative, and I like the opportunity to meet with classmates who have similar challenges.”