Which Privacy and Security Policies and

Procedures Do YOU Need?


Without well-documented written policies and procedures, your healthcare practice is at risk of major legal issues!

Without well-documented, written policies and procedures, you open your healthcare practice up to a whole host of problems, including major legal issues. Does your clinic have appropriate policies and procedures? This checklist will help you…

  • Ensure your healthcare team understands the importance of written policies and procedures. 

  • Identify what policies and procedures need to be updated or implemented in your practice. 

  • Keep your healthcare practice running smoothly.

Download this free checklist to prepare your healthcare practice

“When we know better, we can we do better.”

As an employer and health care provider, you are responsible to provide training to all of your employees about privacy awareness. Protect your organization and your patients. Equip your staff with the information they need to confidently and correctly handle personal health information.

I am constructively obsessive about privacy and confidentiality in the healthcare sector–and I think you should be, too!

I assist healthcare providers, clinic managers, practice managers, privacy officers and independent healthcare practice owners with practical privacy awareness training and tools that are easy to implement, consistent content, cost-effective and meaningful to your day-to-day business.

Let me help you prepare for mandatory privacy breach notification so that you will have the confidence to respond to a privacy breach and protect your practice.

Jean L. Eaton, Your Practical Privacy Coach with Information Managers Ltd.