9 Steps to Hire Employees Information Managers Templates

9 Steps to Hire (and Keep) Employees in Your Healthcare Practice Templates


Employees are central to your healthcare practice

Hiring the right employee will make your healthcare practice:

  • Productive and provide good services to your patients and clients
  • Positive place to work and to receive care
  • Promote your business

A good hiring plan will help you:

  • Recruit, interview and hire with confidence
  • Develop great first impressions to attract the ideal candidate to your practice
  • Keep employees engaged
  • Improve patient satisfaction

Overwhelmed by recruitment problems?

(We have templates for that!)

Are you hiring, again?

Maybe you didn’t get the right employee for the job the first time.

Maybe you are growing and need to hire again.

Or, maybe they have a good team working for you now, but you haven’t done performance reviews for their team?

Healthcare clinic managers and owners frequently ask me for tips, tools, templates, and training on how to hire employees for their business.

That’s why I created the 9 Steps to Hiring Employees for Your Healthcare Practice template package!

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

E-book (pdf)

“9 Steps to Hire (and Keep!) Employees in Your Healthcare Practice”

MS Word Templates that you can use to quickly customize documents for your practice

  • Job Description Templates – Clinic Manager, MOA, Receptionist, Interpretor, Privacy Officer
  • Job Posting Templates – Clinic Manager, MOA
  • Application Form Templates
  • Interview Question Templates
  • Introduction Package for New Applicants
  • Short-List Candidates Templates – Candidate Evaluation Form, Reference Check Form, Candidates Ranking Form
  • Letter of Offer Template
  • Orientation – Employee Information Form, Orientation Checklist
  • Performance Review Template – Performance Appraisal Form
  • Exit Interview

Video Coaching with tips on how to improve your employee recruitment and retention program.

Practice Management Nuggets Interview replays with

Nelson Scott (“Interview Right, Hire Right”)

Corinne Boudreau and Jean L. Eaton (“Roadmap to Your Online Healthcare Practice”)

3 months complimentary on-line mentoring and support in the Practice Management Success membership