5 Strategies for Writing Engaging Social Media Posts for your Practice with Guest Expert Kayla Das


Strategies for Writing Engaging Social Media Posts for your Practice with Guest Expert Kayla Das

Are you a new clinic owner and wondering if social media marketing is for you?

Maybe you have been dabbling into social media marketing but now you are feeling overwhelmed?

Or, maybe you have an established social media presence but you want to learn new ways to get social media engagement.

In this Episode #109 of the Practice Management Nuggets Podcast For Your Healthcare Practice, guest expert Kayla Das of Evaspare Inc. provides 5 strategies for writing engaging social media posts for your practice!

Why Is Using Social Media Important?

​Kayla Das believes that the purpose of social media marketing is to inspire, entertain and to give more than you try to sell.

People are on social media because they want to be taken away temporarily from their day so they are much more likely to click on things that inspire, entertain or provide them some type of guidance and support.

After they gain trust with what you have to say you’ll be the first person they think of when they need professional support.

Interview Right to Hire Right Nelson Scott #1 Tip
Interview Right to Hire Right Nelson Scott #1 Tip

Kayla’s #1 Tip

​“My number #1 tip for clinic managers about social media marketing is when you are starting out is to start small. Choose only one or two social media platforms. You do not need to be on every social media platform to get engagement. Start with a social media platform that you are familiar with and that you believe that your ideal client uses.” – Kayla Das

Listen To The Podcast

5 Strategies for Writing Engaging Social Media Posts for your Practice | Episode #109

Listen to the Practice Management Nuggets for Your Healthcare Practice podcast. Get practical practice management, and privacy tips to help you start, grow, and improve your healthcare practice. If you are a clinic manager, team lead, healthcare provider or practice owner, these practical tips will save you time and money.

I help you manage the pink elephant in the room.

Listen here: Practice Management Nuggets Podcast

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Featured Guest: Kayla Das, Evaspare Inc.

Kayla Das is a Social Worker and Business Coach for therapists and coaches. Kayla works with therapists to:

  • create a strong private practice foundation based on values;
  • develop marketing strategies that are authentic and generate profits; and
  • establish business systems and processes that are designed for practice sustainability.

Would you like more social media and business strategy tips from Kayla?

Pop over to the podcast show notes here to listen to the podcast!

Be sure to grab Kayla’s gift to help you create engaging social media images.

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