Do you Collect Personal Health Information?

If so, you know the importance of this sensitive information. Healthcare providers must ensure that every staff member understands their individual responsibility when it comes to handling personal information.

Jean L. Eaton gives you the skills and confidence to handle the elephant in the room!

Jean’s workshops, presentations, and books are ideal for staff members at all levels in any organization or clinic that collects, uses or discloses personally identifying information. This includes direct care providers such as physicians, allied health professionals, and associates, privacy officers, as well as other employees and support staff who are not directly involved in patient care.

About Practice Management Success

You have opened your first healthcare practice and are excited to greet your patients and help them live healthier, happier lives.

But now you realize that your healthcare training didn’t include all the business stuff you need now. Things like:

  • The right forms for your employees and patients
  • The right way to implement electronic medical records (EMR)
  • The right way to respond to access and release of information requests
  • What to consider before implementing new technology
  • And so much more!

Or, maybe, you have started your practice and are struggling with levelling-up your practice. You have hired a clinic manager to help you with the day-to-day management of your practice—but your employees aren’t confident to take action on their own, so you are still spending more time on the business of your practice.

You might already have a comprehensive privacy and security privacy and security manual—but haven’t read it lately or implemented it—and want to know where to begin.

  • Maybe you are struggling with:
  • Training your team
  • Taking privacy actions
  • Running the business

It breaks my heart when I see health care providers who eagerly open their first practice but don’t know how to train their front office staff. I see clinic managers struggling to fight fires while answering the phone, placing patients in rooms, and managing staff, and they don’t get around to bringing their privacy management program to life. 

In fact, you may find that your office practices are getting sloppy and you don’t follow your own policies and procedures.

Implementing privacy compliance takes time!

I’m Jean L. Eaton, your Practical Privacy Coach and Practice Management Mentor. I help healthcare providers and clinic managers implement privacy best practices, like pulling together the right forms and paperwork to use with their employees and patients and implementing privacy best practices.

Whether it’s improving privacy workflow, understanding the impact of breaches, working with privacy legislation, or mentoring privacy practices among staff, I make privacy in healthcare simple and straightforward. 

I have found that when healthcare providers and clinic managers have a practice management mentor to help them stay on track, 

  • your privacy management program operates smoothly every month 
  • you avoid nasty privacy and security incidents
  • your business operates more efficiently

When you focus on proper privacy and security practices, compliance falls into place. Compliance is there to prove your privacy and security program. It’s not just a bunch of paperwork.

Practice Management Success Tips Series


Practice Management Success Tips series

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